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Sea Rescue has developed a number of resources to create water-safety awareness and educate in – and beyond – the classroom. Here you will find information, links, articles, guides and downloads to use and distribute freely. All we ask is that you credit the source as NSRI Drowning Prevention Department.

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The NSRI has three core Drowning Prevention programmes – Water Safety Education, Pink Rescue Buoys and Survival Swimming – and offers a range of free resources and educational materials.

Bravo Bravo & SafeTRX

Bravo Bravo - We are often asked about the training courses we offer our crew. We have built an online learning site where we are sharing some of our material for free. These courses are easy to follow from a computer, tablet or phone and the material is presented in modules which you can do in your own time and at your own pace. There are three courses available - our Skippers Guide for small vessels which is used as preparation for the SAMSA skippers exam, our First Aid Training course and a Fitness guide.

RSA Safetrx - This is a tracking app, used internationally and customised for South Africa. SafeTrx is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Enter your vessel details, the people on board, your planned route and your ETA. And load your emergency contact details (i.e spouse / person at home). Then, if you are late or if you press the panic button, NSRI is alerted and we are sent your position. False alarms do happen so, while we are preparing to launch, a controller will call you or your emergency contact to verify if it was a mistake. No one minds the mistakes – they are a good opportunity to test the system. Download it now and try it out. It takes the “search” out of search and rescue. And the best part - it's for free!

The Waterbody Risk Assessment Tool is a paper exercise developed to assist organisers of water-related events involving children and adults to safely enjoy their event.

The rationale behind the Waterbody Risk Assessment tool is to list the major risks when visiting bodies of water. It will help an organiser to easily move through a list and identify if the risk has been assessed. The tool helps organisers to confirm that the risk has been identified, assessed and mitigated in some form and; once all the prevalent risks have been identified and mitigated the form allows for the person responsible to record his/her signature to confirm that he/she has considered the relevant dangers.